Can I ombre my naturally jet black with chocolate brown color without bleach?

I have naturally Indian jet black hair which I've never dyed!

I recently had medical problems ie. very low iron which made me shed a lot of hair and now its stopped falling. However, I really want the ombre look but I'm too scared to bleach it.

So can I have it chocolate brown like this: (without bleach)


I might just bleach the very ends, blond b.c. its not close to my scalp.


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  • You can't lighten hair without bleach. You can darken your hair without bleach but you can never lighten it, and given your hair is black you will definitely need to bleach it. I suggest going to a salon, no one I know has ever had any mishaps in a salon but I know many people who have ruined their hair at home (and I know a lot of people who dye their hair!). I think you should go for it! With ombre color you will not have to keep re bleaching your hair as you would with the roots of overall color so the damage will not be continual.


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  • You actually can lighten hair without bleach, just as long as the hair has no artificial color on it and your desired color isn't more than four levels lighter. If you're a true level one (black), you might have some trouble getting as light as the picture, but you could get pretty close.

    • and would it turn brassy though if I used the same kind of color?

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    • thank you! I'll ask my stylist... you seem so knowledgeable if only you worked at my salon lol

    • Well if by some long shot you live in Portland, Oregon, I could do your hair, haha.

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  • yea that possible, try L'oreal exellance their color chart at the box are very accurate, so find a color that you can turn your jetblack hair into the shade of brown you want and go for it.

  • From everything I know, you'll probably have to bleach the ends.just baby the sh*t out of your hair with treatments