Really big gals in overly tight jeans?

why do overly big gals try to squeeze into jeans that are obviously too small? iam not trying to knock big girls but seriously there's a girl at work whos whos jeans look ridiculously too small for her waist. they look extremely uncomfy and look like they cut off a lot of blood flow to her upper body and not to mention the poor bastard whos going to be murdered walking in front her when that button gives way. going to explode off the stitching like a bullet and kill a guy! everybody loses! OK just jokes but ya, buy jeans that fit you.


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  • Flaunt what you got?

    Wishful thinking?


    Who the hell knows.

    Maybe they look in the mirror and think "damn, I look f***ing sexy"!

    They want others to see them the way they see themselves?

    Whatever your reason may be, let's get this straight:

    Ladies, just because you can doesn't mean you should!


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  • Because they f***ing want to and they f***ing can do whatever they wanna do. If anybody deosn't like it they can look away. It's their business not ours and I hope if one day a button does pop off it hits one of you disgusting fat shaming people in the balls or eye.

    • sure its my business, how does one look away from a big person? I think it my duty to make people aware of their fashion faux paws. how exactly am I shaming them? by telling them to wear clothes that fit? how do I shame them again? I remember being 18 and angry, I've been there I've grown up a lot since then to. I've also been bullied all my life and I know the difference between bullying and constructive criticism. if it wasn't for those people I wouldn't be as strong as iam today

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    • sure people have every right to be fat, smokers, eat unhealthy but just because its their right doesn't mean its right. would you let your children get obese? smh...

    • sure it effects me when my taxes get raised because my government has to compensate for the rising diabetes epicdemic. cover all your bases when you try to debate with me honey

  • I agree with you, its ridiculous! They can't be comfortable in that at all, and wearing something like that in public...what if the button pops off!

  • Being there myself, it makes them feel better,"fitting" into a smaller sizer the pants she wore when she was smaller, then gained weight and thought over time that they still o up so they are ok

    • yeah iam not even joking her waist is probably 50 inch and she some how squeezes into size 40 inch

  • if theyre comfortable I'm comfortable.

  • They don't understand that it doesn't look good

  • In my experience, they think that tight clothing slims their appearance. That is incorrect, of course. Depending on their shape, a jean with a tight hip and flare at the cuffs (bootcut), or straighter legged (NOT skinny jeans), would narrow and compliment them better. A shirt with a cinched/tapered, emphasized waist would also be the best.

    The same goes with black, regardless of size. Black does NOT visualy "take 10lbs off."

    • People can wear whatever they want, though. It doesn't involve me. If tight things make them happy, then good for them.

    • shed look very nice if she wore clothes that actually fit. I don't know why someone would want to look like that with their waist greatly over hanging the jeans. call me fashion police or whatever but I just think she should wear clothes that fit. for her size id said skirts would look really nice on her. I used to be quite hefty but I always wore things that fit me. I just thinks its to her detriment to be looking like that. I don't want to have to be around when her pants explode

  • Seriously? You need a life. What do YOU look like?


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  • It is because they want too. Same with girls with no butt wearing leggings or a guy wearing a Speedo at the beach. They may feel comfortable. May be in denial about their size. They may have recently gained more weight and haven't had time to buy new clothes or think that they will go back to normal soon. Clothes may be expensive to them. . Someone lied and said they looked good when they didn't. It was laundry day and they didn't have any other clothes

    What I've noticed with girls is they will wear some comfortable clothes or shoes from time to time because it is the in fashion or trend that they are liking at that time

    • its definitely not laundry day lol if it is its been laundry day for quite some time. she even wears a belt which maybe necessary to keep those jeans from ripping apart. those jeans definitely don't look comfy. shed look very nice if she wore clothes that actually fit instead of being in some sort of denial about her size. I just think its to her detriment to wear clothes like that, its embarassing to look at

    • Then it is important for her friends to be real with her. Even you as an outsider are concerned so the people on the inside need to tell her like it is

  • Last year a big fat woman in Methuen, Mass. was wearing jeans that were ridiculously tight. It effectively turned her into a giant pimple and her head blew off!

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