Does anyone any older, female celebrities that look good without looking plastic?

Or look still close that what they used to look like when they were younger?

Let's say people 40 and above. I feel like a lot of older celebreties look really fake and plastic. It jus doesn't appeal to me and I'm wondering if that's the only way to look somewhat decent when you get old. If we look Brooke shields for example link link she still looks very good to me, but she kind of has this plastic look. And when you compare her to her younger self link link wow what a difference.

A lot of women share her kind of look like link link link


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  • kristin davis (Sex and the City)

    Helen Mirren

    Sandra Bullock

    Marissa Tomei (although recently she is starting to show her age)

    Julianne Moore

    Angela Bassett

    Mary Louis-Parker (Weeds)

    Kelly Preston

    Michelle Pfeifer

    Jodie Foster

    Laura Linney

    Lisa Kudrow

    Robin Wright

    Sela Ward

    Jennifer Jason Leigh

    Cate Blanchett

    Sofia Vergara

    Naomi Watts

    Kate Winslet

    All those women are 40+. As far as I know none have had any surgery and all look amazing for their ages.


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  • Jennifer Aniston has aged beautifully, she's 44 now I believe and doesn't look at all plastic to me.

  • Aside from the aforementioned ladies by the other answerers, I think Catherine Zeta Jones looks pretty good for her age. I don't remember her having plastic surgery.

    Many of the examples you've posted are of ladies who have spent many of their younger years partying hard and spending too much time in the sun. Now the affects of that are showing on their face. Depending on genes and how well they take care of themselves, not every 40+ will look that way.

    • great point. carmen electra, pam anderson, denise richards all have several things in common.

      drugs, booze, partying, rocker/actor husband badboys

  • Salma Hayek

    • looks like she at least had a boob job... but she is gorgeous nonetheless