Is she trying to get me to make the first move?

I was walking and sat down on a bench and noticed a girl I like walking by (in the opposite direction that I was walking in). I think she quickly looked at me as I was sitting down.

There was a special ceremony going on in the open area right near where I sat down, and she decided to stand and watch the ceremony. I was looking at the podium for the ceremony, she was in the back left of the crowd and she was looking in my direction. She was wearing sunglasses so I can't say if she was looking right at me, but she had to turn her head around and it looked like she was looking right at me. I noticed that, looked at her. She turned away for a second, I looked away too, but then she looked back at me and I did the same to her, then she looked away again.

Before this, I've held doors open for her several times. The most recent time it was just for her and when I opened the door for her, she smiled and looked at me in a way that, at least in my opinion, seemed like she was really flattered that I was opening the door for her.

Other than the times I've talked to her for a split second when holding the door for her, I've never really talked to her. We are both aviation students at the college we attend, and in addition to that we have a lot of similar interests in music, TV shows, etc. She's only had one boyfriend which lasted a month, and it doesn't seem like she has a lot of guys hitting on her.

So was this her trying to hint that she likes me? Thank you for the help.


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  • I'm not sure if there were any definite signs of interest from what you wrote but go ahead and say hi to her and have a chat.


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  • It seems that she just look at you like a normal person without any interest at all.

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