What does this guy want?

I am new at college thus I don't know all of my classmates yet.

I am very reserved so even though it has been a month of college already, I didn't speak with everybody.

I don't know this guy, he is my classmate.

The fact is that, yesterday, I noticed he was staring at me and even though he saw I caught him staring, he didn't stop looking at me as if he had a lot of closeness with me.

I looked away because I thought he would look away, his stare was making me very disconfortable, but he kept shamelessly looking at me.

He was with no expression on his face, he didn't smile and he wasn't serious either, he was just purposefully staring.

and I know he wasn't zoned out, he was really looking at me.

I found it weird because when someone catch we looking at them we look away because of the embarrassment it creates.

what do you think?


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  • He's just attracted to you.


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  • He could be either A) attracted to you, B) a serial killer or C) a serial killer who is also attracted to you. :D:D

  • go and ask him why is he staring at you... be confident.. .


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