Would you rather have a girl that's beautiful or a girl that's cute?

State your choice and why... I've been skimming through the female profiles on plenty of fish.. and it seems the girls who have that blond, cutesy, cheerleader look get the most replies... while the quiet serious ones are ignored.


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  • I think the "quiet serious ones" are part of a minority, so it isn't that they aren't attractive, it's that less people are interested in their type.


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  • Overall, I could care less. But I only answer the latter, quiet, serious girls. I actually encourage stupid girls on their own fauceted stupid decisions to "learn" and maybe be "conditioned".

  • im more into the "quiet serious ones"

    Its just like that story about the fox and the grapes.

    • I married a serious one after being dumped by a beauty. I never regretted it ( nor being dumped, nor marrying my wife. At the moment my ex was dumping me I already knew since a month we would get nowhere)

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