Fashion police are on the site!!!!

ok, many people want to know if they have fashion. many do. so... I'm going to help! if you ask me on here if you have style I will look yours up and give you a reply! my family considers me their fashion police to save the day! so let me help you!


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  • Wouldn't this work better if you didn't post anonymously and had some pictures on your profile?

    • Not necessarily, she would go to your profile, you don't necessarily have to go to hers, haha

      anyway, I wonder if she really does give good advice, I may have to have her hit me up (im a 90's kid, so I have the fashion of the 90's

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    • Why would you need to know me? I'm here to help you, not the other way around

    • It's like providing a resume when you're applying for a job. All I know now is that you think you're fashionable. A lot of people think that and aren't, so that's not worth much.

  • i want to buy a pleather brown or black?

    looks like this; link