If you fit the description... [guys- but girls are welcome too]

Hello there boys,

I have a question for ya... but first I need someone who can relate to these descriptions...

a guy who dresses up in pants (not jeans) and a button-up shirt tucked into those pants that aren't jeans and sorta sports this old style gentlemen-like the-way-your-mum-would-be-happy-seeing-you outfit... you should be confident enough to say hello to someone who you see often and want to strike up a conversation with eventually... independent in the sense that you don't want to approach every single girl that you check out BUT shy enough so that if your confused your whole world jumbles and your natural attitude and air of confidence vanishes only to be replaced with this facade of what once was -only a bit more.

if you do then here's a question for you:

how would you want a girl to approach you to start that convo that you wanted to start but didn't get a chance because of her stupid shy dumb*** reaction to you (of course you don't know that she's shy and you blame it on your situation or on how arrogant and stupid she is or your not sure what the hell she's doing because she always looks at you but you don't know if she is looking because she knows you like her or if she's only mocking you...)

well I am a girl in that situation... and when I started flirting with this guy (who I gave you a description of) I was going through a rough breakup so I couldn't take it farther so I brushed him off by disappearing not by being rude... we never got to the point of having a convo (so we are technically strangers) now I see him almost daily and there was mad crazy eye contact at least when I initiated it... I was waiting for him to say something again but I guess I am afraid I shook him away bad... he actually tried to do something but I was too nervous and scared I wasted the opportunity...

needless to say I've had it and that sorta killed my usual shyness and I want to do something about it... how would you want a girl to come up to you?

p.s for a long dull boring detail of the situation here's another question link


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  • "...but didn't get a chance because of her stupid shy dumb*** reaction to you..."

    Just tell him your sorry.

    Go up to him, smile & say "hi".

    • Yikes! Just like that huh? *gulp* well wish me luck and (if there is anything else and hopefully not too late..i don't know, details something that I need to know, please! by all means give me a head up!) lol oh well ... it'll be monday!

  • I think my favorite approach by girls is when they laugh at something funny you say. I love to make people laugh, its what I do, and when I get that attention ( by the girl ) then I try and make them laugh again. This shows they are friendly, if you say something and they are like " Ugh, so stupid " they obviously aren't very friendly. Just try and present yourself as someone that's cool to be with. I know your shy, I used to be also, but you need to say in your mind " Screw it " and just do it.


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