Guys, can you easily tell what a girl is thinking just by looking at her facial expression?

I don't think I have a very expressive look but my buddy seems to be able to tell what I'm thinking just by looking at my expression. Like if I'm pissed at him and try to suppress it, he knows it. Or after I came back from an impulsive shopping spree and I'm looking at my purchases with a 'WTF have I done" look and he immediately know it. Idk, he just seems to tell each time I'm thinking something without knowing I'm giving out any signals or expressing it in any way. Says a lot about me I guess. I'm a bad poker player. But tell me, what does it say about him? He's just good with deciphering ppl's thoughts just by looking at their expression or could he possibly like me some to know what I'm thinking of by knowing me so well?


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  • He'd make a good fortune teller sounds to me.

    His minds eye has seen. It has seen that we humans are base, primal and self serving. Thus from those 3 factors can be ascertained the normal human response from external stimuli.

    We all get buyers remorse whether we spend to much. The situation that had you pissed probably would have pissed most people off so it was a fair assumption that you were pissed off. Our physical mannerisms are very telling signs about what's going on under neath.

    You do the same with people too. It's part of our survival mechanism to read manners so we know whether were in immediate danger our not.

    You've probably always be so self absorbed that you didn't know that you were dissecting other people.

    Go to a park or a mall food court and see what you can tell on peoples faces. But you gotta step outside of you.

    • I'd say he is pretty good at reading people. You're right about being less self absorbed. I should try it more so that I can be as good at reading people as my buddy is.

  • Some people are just more intune with people. He could be just one of these people that can read how you feel because he is perspective and pays attention to details. I find you are also more self aware and can relate to other people's feeling based off his own feelings ...

    • I agree. I suppose he is in tune with my feelings because he is my close friend afterall. Wonder if he knows I'm crushing on him... :)

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