Do I have a unique look?

I'm thinking about modeling for catalogs and other things and I would like your opinions please to see if I would have a chance. I am not planning to have it as my full time career. Just something I can do possibly while I'm still young. I'm 17 by the way and 5'8 tall with hour glass figure if that's relevant. Thanks!

Okay, I'm doing it! Hope I get in, it will be fun! Thanks guys for giving me more self confidence :)
Omg the modeling industry loved me! They say I'm absolutely gorgeous and I have a photo shoot appointment next week! Thanks for giving me confidence guys!


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  • If by unique you mean gorgeously beautiful, then yes.

    • I'm seriously flattered and surprised, defiantly wasn't expecting this :)

    • But seriously, your face is perfect, I couldn't imagine it looking more feminine and beautiful. Just my type.

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  • you could do it I think =P. its just the way your facial features are and are arranged that make you look lovely! go for it!

    • Really? Thanks so much! My friends told me I was too plain to model :/

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    • haha, that is very much true.

    • yep ^_^. so don't listen to your friend and go for it!

  • You look great! That's all I can legally say lol!

    • @ update: you can definitely do it! If they don't let you the first time, keep trying and you will get it. Best of luck!

    • Awww thanks :) I'll let you know how it goes (I'll ring up today and probably will know if I'm in the agency in approx two weeks, so I'll update my status then)

    • Yah! Let us know! :)

  • You're beautiful. You definitely have a chance.


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  • Unique? No, you have a very common look nothing different or out of the ordinary.

    If you have a bubbly personality and are great at being photographed then you have what it takes to be a model. Just build on those things to increase your skills.

  • You're very beautiful! And yes you have a unique look! I think you look very interesting :D I say, go for it!

  • I'm going anonymous because you're not going to like this. I used to model quite a while (from 14 - 23, I didn't do it full time either) and after college I worked a fshion magazine and now for a modeling agency.

    First of all, average is attractive. You'll find that most models have amazingly average face with maybe one outstaning feautre.

    Having a perfect hourglass figure does actually not matter as much as people think, but measurments matter. Your waist shouldn't be bigger than 24 inch, better even 23, if you have bigger than a B cup you'll also often not fit into clothes and your hips should be 34/35 inch.

    Well anyways, the picture you took isn't ideal . You're pretty for sure, but I can't really imagine to hire you for something. It's hard to tell without meeting though. I'd say for catalogs you may have a chance, but everything beyond that, sorry, I don't think you have much of a shot

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