GUYS: What attracts you to a girl?

simple question. Her looks/sense of humor/values/morals/intelligence/body/face/hair/sense of style/personality...or a package of all? Does one attraction factor override all others?


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  • I'm sure with many guys its all one thing... looks (or size of breasts to be even more specific). But there is always that one guy who is attracted to her by everything else... So I guess it just depends on the guy you ask. For me I'm attracted to the whole package...I guess you could say. lol


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  • A cute smile, sense of humor & personality

    these three are what attracts me most to a girl, although I definitely don't mind a girl having a small cute tushy either ;)

  • All of the above. But I think that her personality is by far the most attractive part of who she is. It defines her~


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