Why would a girl always look away when I make her smile?

We can be talking and I make a joke or something and she'll just be like "oh god" or "ok" then smile but not look at me? She just looks down or away. Like yesterday I did her a favor and I told her "see? I can be a nice guy sometimes" then she just glanced at me real quick and went back to her phone while smiling. I mean, I guess it a step up because before she would barely smile when I was trying to be funny or she would tell me how lame I was. Is this worse? :/


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  • I always do that when a guy tries to make a joke, stressing the TRIES to. Since I don't want to be rude or anything, I just smile, look away and say 'oh god' while I'm 'laughing' and thinking 'god that doesn't make any sense he has to grow up'.

    Since she called you lame, I don't think that she's shy or anything, but just not that into you, partly because your signs are not clear at all. Just because we look and smile at you slightly, doesn't always mean that we're into you.. It just means that we don't want to be rude. If she was really into you, she'd smile heavily and make more eyecontact. Of course shy girls act differently, but then again, I don't think she's shy.

  • She's shy! It's not you, she's just genuinely shy.

    • aghhh, she doesn't seem shy when she talks to other people, I always have a hard time making her smile, she always calls me lame and stuff and when I do make her smile, she won't even look at me, now that is lame lol.

    • Yeah, I'm guessing that she likes you, and that's why she's shy around you. Girls will make playful insults when they like someone.

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