Did I look obsessive?!!!

Hey, I am starting to fall for a freshman, and I'm a junior, but she is really mature for her age. She is pretty and really sweet. She always tells me that I have a baby face and I got mad at her and I didn't really know her then, she sat at the table next to me at lunch. Well a couple of weeks ago one of my friends was talking to her (he is not a friend friend, more like I know the guy and we talk sometimes)but things didn't work out because she said she wasn't ready for a complicated relationship(the guy was 18 and her mom wouldn't allow it, so they decided to call it off), but I'm 17, and I started talking to her when they were still thinking about if they were gonna go out, and we talked about her and that guy. After they broke up I started talking to her and the other night we were talking on facebook and I told her that I had to leave and that if she would stay on id be back in 30 mins, then she asked me if I texted and then I got her number. The next day at school, I saw her in the gym and dint say anything to her because she was with her friends and then I was walking across the gym and all I hear is her yelling "Kris,Kris,Kris"! and running all the way from the other side to give me this giant running hug and tell me she liked my hair cut, but that I still looked like a baby face. Then I called her yesterday, but she didn't pick up so I left her a message on her phone, and then I got on facebook and sent her a message telling her that I had called her, but I had already written a reply to one of her messages, and another message telling her to get on sow could talk. So did I look obsessive because I sent her 3 messages, and is it possible that she likes me? And she is a big flirt, and hugs all the guys, but it just seems different to me! So please help!


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  • If she flirts with all the guys, I'd wait it out.

    And the fact that you sent three messages... well if a guy did that... I'd think he was a creeper.


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  • your obsessive not being mean or anything I just think you are

    i wouldn't think much of it if she hugs all the guys

    as I'm reading your story

    the fact that its soooo long like you went to the limit that you can write

    just wait out

    and change that obsessive attitude

    work out to get lean muscles

    and dress better

    then should would look at you and think of you as a potential mate