Why the double standard pertaining to body hair?

ok so after reading some answers to hair related questions on here, I decided to ask why the double standard ?

when asked about body hair on a man, it seems that most men were kinda offended that a lot of women don't like chest hair and said to love a man for who he is,

so then why do men expect a girl not to have a bush in the pubic region, and then get offended when a woman expect a hairless chest

And then what are your preferences because I want to see the consensus

Girls your choices are A or B

Guys your choices are C or D

  • No chest hair on a man
    Vote A
  • Chest hair on a man
    Vote B
  • Shaved pubes on a girl
    Vote C
  • Unshaved pubes on a girl
    Vote D
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  • I see what you are saying, and I try my best to not hold girls to something I don't want to be held to. I am not yet sexually active, so I also haven't had a confrontation about hair in places, but I am going to be as accepting as I can.

    Through one campus activity, I ended up square dancing with strangers, but that is unimportant. A girl in our 'square' had hairy arms, and I noticed them. It quite a while ago, and I was kinda immature, and I thought to myself that girls should shave their arms. Almost immediately I thought that I was being very stupid, since I would never want to shave my arms (I guess it could be said that I really really like forearms, for some reason, and I look forward to having hairy forearms like my father and grandfather). From then on, I have kept the belief that I won't expect a girl to do something for me that I wouldn't do myself.

    Another influence to my preference of "natural" (again, I am not active, so this takes on a less sexual meaning) is that I believe we spend way too much time trying to change the way the human body appears. It is definitely important to maintain the body and keep it healthy, but some things people want are just not normal. Our bodies are great as they are. Sorry for the semi-religious/semi-antireligious statement (I believe evolution was created by a God): Evolution and a God have designed our bodies beautifully, and they are great machines. I don't want to add an immature crayon mark onto the wonderful masterpiece we are given.

    • Totally agree!

      And don't feel bad about thinking that that girl should shave her arms - it's socially unacceptable and unattractive for females to have bare hairy legs, while guys are allowed - if not encouraged - to have naturally hairy legs...and almost everything else.

    • Well, I kinda think that I don't have a problem with hair on arms and legs, because that is normal. I do understand that society does request that women shave legs and arms, but I will never tell a girl that she must shave them for me.

    • Thank you for such a thought out answer

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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm definitely in the minority in this these days, but I prefer a woman who is natural in this way. It may also be related to my age group, but I'm not sure, as this isn't generally a topic of conversation. lol.

  • Woman like soft things, soft surroundings. But I do feel they shouldn't pertain this to hair on men. Were not a Ken doll, smooth everywhere.

    But to be really honest, I feel that this is just their initial preference. I do know a lot of girls in the past who were bent on staying away from "hairy" men, only to find some of them fall in love with guys who were a little chesty or elsewhere. The thing is, I do feel it's just an initial preference, and when a girl does fall for a guy, she overlooks just about everything.

    So my point is that maybe most women just PREFER no hair. But it's quite obvious that sometimes, there's just no helping it. Men are born with more testosterone and BMI levels than women, so there's just simply no going around it. It's genetics.

    Anyhow, I didn't answer your poll since it really doesn't matter to me in a woman.


What Girls Said 7

  • Its not just pubes for a girl though... Its pubes, legs, arm pits, and I even saw a post on here about arms, and the majority agreed the arms should be shaved... Basically girls are supposed to be completely hairless, and men get mad when one section of their body gets criticized for having hair... Oh well.

  • Okay - so this is my theory. It goes back to two things.

    On the female side, girls (generally) like things to be clean, and less hair = cleaner lines/body = hairless men preferable (often)

    On the male side, guys (often) prefer shaven women as a harken to caveman days where neophyte traits (such as no hair) signaled a females youth, and youth = beauty.

    • It also broadens the sexual dimorphism between our species by having men be hairy or women be hairless, making the hairless female more likely to epitomize feminity as a whole.

  • actually I like chest hair on him as long as it doesn't completely cover his skin tot he point he looks like a gorilla, and I love a happy trail, but for some unknown reason I can only stand the little triangle under the lower lip(whats that called again?) when it comes to facial hair. What I think must be really gross is hair on his back.

  • I confess, I find chest hair on a man... well masculine. I don't like pubic-like hair on the back especially near the armpits (not armpit hair, but hair growing around armpits and shoulders = can't say I find it attractive coming out from a tank top). So not all women feel the same about chest hair.

  • Personally I'm grossed out by excessive hair on guys and myself. But yeah, guys get away with wayyyyy too much. Like how girls must be thin and beautiful but it's okay for guys to have a few extra pounds.

  • I prefer no chest hair defo! I actually prefer hair free all over. And yeh it annoys me when guys moan when girls say they prefer no chest hair yet those same guys would not date a hairy girl lol.

  • I agree. If we have to be virtually hairless, surely a guy can get rid of that taco meat on his chest without complaining. I voted A. Chest hair is unattractive to me and don't have a really hairy happy trail either. A little bit is okay but if it's excessive he should get rid of that too.