Hi I'm bored, why do I look Asian when I'm Hispanic

so I had a question, I'm Hispanic but I look Asian , why? :b to view a pic of me go to my instagram @yinyangjen

ill follow back :)


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  • It must be that you have an ancestry of an Asian.


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  • is this a question or a plug to your page

  • I know Russians that look Asian, I know Asians that look Caucasian, and I know a black girl that looks Spanish.

    • is there a possibility some of my ancestors might be asian?

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    • oh okay I see thanks

    • No problem. Spain and Great Britain were all about occupying countries back in the day. So often times there are a lot of countries that were controlled by one of the two powers and there was a combining of ethnicity. I go to school with a Haitian girl who is bleach white and speaks French. Yet, it's a country in the Caribbean which is on the island of Hispaniola.

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