Other women constantly pick on my clothes. How do I get them to stop?

I have always been well put together. I used to dress very simply. Nothing fancy but never sloppy. Think J.Crew. I had other girls constantly coming up to me and telling me how I should dress. Usually these girls weren't particularly well styled themselves! I even had a girl count how many times I wore certain colors. It was just odd.

I recently started dressing up more in my style. Now other girls are constantly saying "why are you so dressed up?" Or you are always so well put together. I can't win.

How do I get other women to stop commenting on my clothes?


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  • They won't stop, unless you dress the way they want. Women have a certain idea of what is attractive, and anything different is 'wrong'. It really is best to just ignore them and dress the way you feel comfortable.


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  • ignore them?

    You can't control what other people choose to say to you, however inapropriate or rude it may be. But you can control how you react. If they say something offensive just respond with a polite smile and tell them you like your style or calmly ask them to please stop making comments about your clothing.

    • But why do they say those things?

    • who knows? I can't read their minds. Best thing to do is not dwell on it

  • Ugh. I hate that "why are you so dressed up" question! It's not like I'm overdressed, everyone else just thinks it acceptable to walk around as if they just woke up which I find unacceptable.

    They won't stop. Just ignore it.

  • I wear what looks good on me & what like . I don't care what other people think.

  • Make snappy comments right back to them.pick on them back then they'll know not to approach you with that bull

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