What would you get from this? How do you all comprehend this. What's it mean to you.

My friend posted this on her blog that she writes on daily about her life. I don't understand really the message she's trying to send here, she told me she's got a lot going on lately and has been stressed. What do you think this poem, or whatever it is means?

"I wish the look in my eyes would give everything away. Only then would I no longer have to hide. You’d see it all, there would be no guilt, because after all you’re just reading me. Take it all in as fast as you can before I look away and continue this pretense that is all we’ve known since the day we met. If one look was all it took to see right through the shaky barrier I’ve tried so hard to build since then. The supports are rusted after so little time, there’s no way to determine how long we have left until the whole wall comes crashing down on both of us. I wish every vulnerable moment twisting and turning a knife so sharp, deep inside my heart was more than a moment of obvious weakness to only me. Take a look deeper and find what I’ve been dying inside to hide. Beating myself up to keep invisible. Brush it off, play it off, only because you don’t believe in yourself to try and see what you want to see. You only see what I make you. The truth lies beneath all these layers, waiting so patiently to be peeled back, by you. Take one look, study steadily, and maybe you’ll see. Or maybe I’ll fool you like I’m fooling the rest of the world. Maybe I’ll fool you like I’m fooling myself. Or maybe you do see, and you’re just like me. Pretending. "

I have some ideas of what it could mean but I want to see what others think too so it's not biased on the fact that I know her.

Thanks for your answers guys. I did talk to her and she told me kind of what it had to do with. It is about this guy she has feelings for, but they act like they don't because neither of them want a relationship cause they've both been hurt so badly in their last ones. she said she knows he has feelings for her even though he's never said it, he acts it, and same with her and I think she wants to act on her feelings now but is afraid basically. I'm glad she told me she was really confused.


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  • Well, she is obviously hiding something and she is in agony.

    She just wants someone to see it.

    she needs someone to let it out I suppose.

    You're her best friend you should know what's going on

    • Luna-o3o is right, she is hurting inside but has been hiding it from other people - however, it's been too long and she can't really go through it anymore, and a part of her wants someone else to notice so maybe they can help her.

      Did she go through a recent break up? Like a crush but he doesn't like her back? Rape? (Hopefully not!)

      But something happened and she cannot keep it inside anymore.

      But I think posting it out in the open is a way to OVERdramaticize the situation...

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  • She sounds hurt about something. Is she seeing anybody? It sounds like a significant relationship in her life is dying out and it's hurting her a lot.

  • She's just expressing herself.

  • It's young female drama, that's all.


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