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So this guy act weird w one another Because I think we both like each other, have so for a long time and both too chicken to say or do anything. Tonight he was at this local bar we go to (we each go there alone). He sat on one end, me on the other. This mutual friend/chick we know kept staring at him and teasing him. He awkwardly tried to ignore her by paying attention to his phone. At the same time, this other dude started hitting on me and was obviously drunk as he said my chest looked really nice. My guy's eyes shot up and he looked at us. I just laughed it off but our eyes met. Soon that same girl walked over to him and said he had to be nice to her because she had a bad day and needed attention. She demanded a hug and I noticed that he stared right at me and I at him. She tried to get him to feel sorry for him, he was polite but nothing more. A few times he'd glance over at mr but never did we talk. It's awkward right now. I can't stop thinking about how he looked at me w the chest comment and the hug. Any thoughts?

Just to clarify, he stared at me during the hug, me at him. Maybe he knew I'd look? :/


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  • It must be that he's just too shy, and was a bit shy. Naturally, he was upset.

    • He is shy. We had a small "text" fight last week when he said somethibg rude. I didn't talk to him the next time I saw him as I was furious. He didn't try to either. Tonight I was outside on the phone and he came in waving at me but w no eye contact. Maye he knows or assumes I'm still upset. I never flirt w that one guy simply because he pushes his limits. I guess you're right, he was upset. I was NOT expecting him 2 say that! What do you think of the hug? I guess I made the same reaction as hiM

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  • lol demanded a hug.. your friend sounds funny.

    Well he likes you but, nothing is gonna happen as of current. Something crazy needs to happen to give a reason for both of you to talk. He is probably an introverted person and hence, making small talk without a deeper reason is not appealing.

    • He hugged her as he was cornered. It just felt so weird as his eye contacted immediately directed themselves to me. Perhaps he knew I wouls be watching? Maybe he wanted to be sure I was?

    • who knows? you can't sit around guessing on what ifs forever.

  • Sounds like you will get him soon.


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  • It seems he's interested in you but too shy to make a move.

    • Why do you think that? The reaction to the guy making a move or the hug thing?

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    • lol. Just talk to him. The more you do, the more relaxed he will be.

    • Hmm. We've been like this for a very long time. I try to talk to him. That's why it's weird. I must admit, I was relieved when his head shot up when that guy said something to me.