What do you make of this guy's reaction?

There is this guy john who kept looking at me twice at this end of year party at college. And then I said "hey" told him he looked familiar. He talked for a minute said he recognized me too. First we shook hands, 20 secs later he hugs me and then 20 secs after that hugs me again and then kisses me on the cheek. It was less than 2 min. convo when he hugged me again and kissed me and ended the convo.

Do guys do that to all girls especially when they don't really know them much?

Keep in mind he's pretty good looking and probably knows it. One girl I know posted a fb picture with him and girls were commenting all over saying how attractive he is. I personally think he's pretty cute but not to the extent the way other girls view it.

I don't know if I should add him on fb if it was such a mini interaction and he maybe drunk or something to remember our interaction. It was open-bar that night but he didn't seem drunk lol And if I do add him I don't want to hung over him, him think I'm a creep if he was just being friendly.

Thoughts, advice?:)


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  • Not all guys are like that. He's just a bit confident with his personality.


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  • Sure add him and try to get to know him better.

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