How do you deal with a guy who is passive?

Guys are typically the aggressors. I'd rather have both parties be pursuers but girls do rely on guys to be actively after them.

So how do you know when a guy is just passive verses he's just not that into you?

For example, this guy I was hanging out with always made me ask him do things and would never be very aggressive.

It'd been a year since we had gone on a few dates and we ran into each other. He was looking at me with this distinct lovey dovey look on his face. Uh? We didn't even kiss so explain that.

Chalking that up to being passive?


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  • If you haven't seen him more than a few 'dates' in an entire year and haven't kissed...he's just not that into you.

    • We saw each other last year. It's been a year since we hung out because I moved away. I just happened to run into him when I was visiting.

    • I personally wouldn't waste time on a guy I rarely see.

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  • You should steal that kiss. You're already dating.


What Girls Said 2

  • If you're interested in this guy, just ask him out. Tell him you wanna catch up since you haven't seen each other in so long. Maybe during your time together you'll be able to gauge your relationship.

    • He's already invited me to one of his shows next month. That's why I was deciding if it was worth putting myself in again or if I'm just gonna look stupid.

    • Well if the show he invited you to is still in a month I don't think he's that interested in you. I guess it's your choice whether you want to start something up with this guy or not. He may take interest if you ask him out.

    • I live 2 hours away. That's why we don't see each other or anything.

  • If you've already gone out on dates he's being passive.

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