What do men mainly look for in women?

I know I am black and dating period might be hard for me. I have not started yet, and I want to know how to present myself. Can you answer the question irrespective of race, yet if and only if you had good advice please answer respective of my racial situation, thanks.


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  • I don't know about your ethnicity, but in my ethnicity, Asians are more likely than other ethnicities to look for modest, gentle, women. Everyone looks for different things, but make sure you look for guys that don't just care about your body and sleeping with you, but who care about you as a person, and care for your well-being.

    • ohh confucius, you must have great piety, that was good advice

    • Thanks. I can't say that physical beauty isn't a factor either, because I'm not immune to it. But qualities like kindness, etc. enhance a woman's beauty, in my opinion.

    • oh I know I look great, it has more to do with status

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  • Depends.

    I'm just about done with college, so I want(have) a girl that is ambitious, fun to be around, not stubborn, confident, good sense of humor, takes care of herself, knows what she wants, faithful, adventurous.

    Basically, be fun, and have a good head on your shoulders.

    No guy wants a bitch.

    Don't put out too quick or else he won't respect you.

    • great virgin here, and I will try to be nicer with a smile

  • Race doesn't matter to Men. It's not the color or the precedence; it's... the... SHAPE.

    My best advice: Learn to eat healthily, get into sports or any sort of physical exercise. Do not get fat. This is non negotiable. Learn how to dress in a feminine way, and learn how to use the right kind/amount of make-up. Be nice and kind to every one. Don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs. Don't sleep around and only date Men who are willing to wait for sex.

    • wow I need to get thin and I am a virgin, you are so great

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    • Confucius you just denied your ways, you said you are not immune to beauty yet makeup enhances it lol

    • I mean natural beauty. I don't think women have to wear makeup, and in my religion/culture, women try to be natural. Spending money and spending time on outer appearances isn't something that is part of my religion/culture.

  • Beauty.

  • For me, it would be the beauty, the physical attractiveness of the woman, regardless of the race.


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