I like him a lot, but...

I honestly can't tell if he likes me or not. I suspected it for a while, but now I'm wondering if it was just me and my wishful thinking.

This is hilarious, this could be something that caught his attention [if he does like me, which he probably don't]:

Back in November, my crush was wearing shoes with two different shoelaces [like a billion other kids our age, nothing bizarre] and I saw one of his friends [who's also my friend] and I said to him, "Hey I saw ___ wearing two different shoes" [cuz I thought he was wearing two different shoes. stupid I know] and his friend was like, "What?" Then my crush came by and his friend turned to him and said "Hey ___ said that you were wearing two different shoes" and my crush said "No I'm just wearing two different shoelaces today." Then his friend turned to me and said "See? He's just wearing 2 different shoelaces" and I jokingly said "Whatever same thing" and his friend said "No, it's not." And the whole time my crush was laughing and smiling.

Later, like in early January, his same friend was talking to me online and he was like, "How come you don't have a bf" and I said "idk" and then he said "here add ___" and he gave me my crush's IM address. I was like "why?" and he said "well you added me so why not add someone else right?"

A couple weeks ago I was hanging out with one of my best guy friends and my crush was there. he saw me and him hanging out, and he turned to my guy and friend and said, "is she your friend?" and he said "yeah" and he was like, "Oh, I see how it is." and he walked away, which p*ssed me off so much.

I've tried talking to him online a couple times, like messages on facebook and stuff, but he never replies, so I know he's probably not interested. but I can't stop thinking about him.

Does he like me?


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  • The shoelaces thing was hardly flirty. It sounds like he was just being friendly. The IM conversation seems like his friend was trying to hook you guys up, so I'd say that's a good sign. But him getting annoyed because you were with a guy friend sounds ridiculously annoying. He sounds like he needs to grow up to me, but if you're still interested, try talking to him in person. Just be careful that the things you say won't be construed negatively. For instance, saying "Why?" to his friend online may have been taken as "Why would I want to add HIM?" instead of "Why do you want me to add him?" which is probably what you meant.

    Don't worry about facebook stuff. Personally, I hate stuff like myspace/facebook, so there is obviously a little bias here, but I think it would be in your best interest to talk to him face to face and actually see his reaction when you flirt with him.


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  • lol I stoped reading after the shoe thing lol jk if his friend sent you that thing then they were talking about u, he does, just tap it lol, I'm so mean


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  • Well maybe he does like you, but because he thinks that you have many guy friends, so he's feeling like you don't like him or something. He maybe thinks that he has no chance with you.

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