Mole on leg? good or bad?

on the very top of my leg (above my quads) I have a birth mark its not small but definitely not big either. Do you think that birthmarks are un attractive? or do you think they are?


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  • Some people like them, but I never have. When I was little, I had a small, very light, birthmark on my face. I became a little obsessed with it, which reveals a bit too much about my odd self. In fact, I once wanted it to go away so bad, I found some kind of wood-filler product my father had. Noticing it was about the color of my skin, I tried applying it to my face, over my birthmark. This was to no avail, but it stands as a reminder of what a strange little person I was. I'm now a strange big person.


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  • That one you have isn't very noticeable. I don't think too many men have problems with birth marks. Actually their kinda sexy. It's also fun to figure out "where" it is.


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