When I look at a guy he looks away from me?

Today I saw one of my old crushes and right as I looked at him his head turned the other way really quickly. About a month ago I confessed my feelings for him but he kindly said he didn't feel the same way. Ever since then I've caught him staring at me a couple times but is pretty much acting like he did before the confession. We've talked so at least I think it's not awkward between us.

I'm almost totally over him also. I was walking in the halls and he will only say hi to me when we're alone, which kinda bugs me. So when I saw him I just kept on walking facing straight while I felt him look at me lol.

So what's up with the looking away quickly? What changes to a friendship once a confession like this happens? We aren't that close of friends... just like since the beginning of the school year.


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  • It seems that he just doesn't want you to get too attached to him because he really isn't interested in you.


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