Do guy's preference's encourage girls to look the way they look?

I notice long hair, high heels, and tight clothing seems to be the best style now a days. Girls are constantly using hair extensions or straightening their hair because that seems to be the most attractive trait now a days. Girls even feel like they have to wear a lot of make-up to impress guys.

Guys why do yall feel that women have to look that way to gain your attention?

Why go for this girl? link

Instead of this girl? link


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  • I think women sadly dress to compete with other women,and a lot of these styles are based on what they believe men find attract.Which brings us back to the long hair,high heels,short tight dresses etc. As a woman,I find it quite boring that a lot of women are willing to transform to be what they think a man wants,or the fact that they lack the ability to decide what they want.

    I went to a club over last weekend,sporting my afro,chucks,leggings and a tee.Meanwhile,I am surrounded by girls who are in heels and tight dresses with flowing long hair.Guess,who had MORE attention...that's right.The heels and dresses.I spent the night dancing with a couple of friends and...the wall. Lol :D

    I'm guessing guys think that the heels and whatnot is a more feminine way of dressing...And maybe that's just their preference.

    But...I'm use to sometimes being looked over at times.Its a-okay.Why?Because I'm looking for someone with more depth anyway.Someone who looks within and beyond...not someone looking for generic girls.I'm looking for someone as much as an individual as I am.


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  • Social programming and the social narrative influences the way women dress, not really a gender.

    IT really doesn't have to do with a particular "look".

    Ever hear of the "lipstick on a pig" saying?

    Well if you are not genetically gifted, it really doesn't matter what you do, sure makeup can do a lot, but its not a magic wand.

    Both of your examples are fine and are hot for different reasons, most of which is because of their physical traits and less to do with how they are dressed and put together.

    And honestly the "confident" woman to me says "i want a guy with money and I'm stuck up."

    i.e. "high maintenance" no guy likes that. Trust me.

    The first girl says "im cute, I'm laid back and you can have a good time with me and not be stressed out."

    The problem where some girls make the mistake is wearing NO makeup at all and dressing like a man.

    The causal dressing girl is wearing makeup and still has a ton of feminine looks about her.

    And personally I prefer that one.

    Although yes the confident woman is also attractive, but again less because of how she's dressed and more because of her physical attributes.

  • I think it's because of the media. They see all these women in commercials, on magazines, and other places wearing tons of makeup, showing skin, and so on. Girls think that if they want to be considered as "Good-looking", they have to be like those celebrities and other women they see in the media. So, they go for tons of makeup, heels, tight clothes, skin, etc. Some girls possible do it just for themselves (they feel better and more confident like that), others do it to attract guys, and some do it because they think that's how they are supposed to look these days.

  • Men definitely have SOME influence, but it's less than you think. Far more of it is women competing with other women, and it's based on what they THINK guys want, filtered through their own biases and preferences, and often based on poor assumptions, faulty information, and on a "survey" that was far too small and not a random sampling.

    MOST guys would prefer a girl to have a more casual look in MOST settings. Arwens-Fire's example of going to a club is one of those exceptions to this rule: in the context of a club, you're expected to be dressed up. That's true of movie premiers, weddings, and certain other situations, which I'm sure you all understand. But guys don't want or expect you to wear a tight evening dress all day every day; that's out of context, and it would make them less comfortable around you.

    As a generalization, guys have a few "broad strokes" that most want:

    - Younger, fresh look.

    - Not significantly overweight (some guys like thin girls, and some guys like a curvier or slightly heavier girl, but few want a fat girl)

    - Generally longer hair (we don't like short pixie or mannish haircuts)

    - A decent amount of style and how you put your clothes together, but we don't care of they come from Nordstrom or Walmart, or what name is on the tag. If it looks good on you, and is somewhat coordinated, that's good enough.

    - We do like a bit of makeup, but most guys would be much happier if girls wore much less. Eye liner and lip gloss gets you 80% of the way there by themselves. A full face of war paint should be the rare exception, not the rule.

    - As I mentioned before, in most settings, guys prefer a more casual look/style rather than a more "dressed up" style. Having said that, context DOES matter.

    Most of the rest of it is just girls tearing down other girls and trying to undermine their confidence in a bid to make themselves feel better about themselves. Girls can be horrible to each other, in a way that guys rarely are, and you worry WAY too much about stuff that we don't care about much if at all. We don't care about your belt, your bracelet, your nails, your purse, or your shoes (in most situations). If you are trying to impress us with those things, it's a complete waste of your time and money.

  • they choose to look the way they look. Simple as that really

  • It's not that we're encouraging them to look that way. It's just that that style of theirs are so attractive and pleasing to our eyes.

  • You're fooling yourself if you think women dress for men. Women dress for other women, not for men.

  • Who are you kidding? You think women dress for guys? No. Women dress for other women. Even if they claim it's for guys it's only what other women (or the women who write in magazines or talk on tv) SAY guys want--not what actual guys want.

  • It seems the better she looks, the more confident she feels. Men want confident women, right?


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  • because the glam hot look is just better

  • Obviously men influence the way women dress and act. But they're going to admit it.

    I'll be back for the answers.

    • I don't think men influence women how they dress and act. If men disappeared off the face of the earth (I would be in heaven) and women would still be dressing "up". They dress for themselves, and other's about who can do certain things better. You think women watch awards shows because they like who wins, no, they're watching them to see who wore the right things or could care less about that sort of thing

    • Dude get over it.