Guys what would you prefer?

Would you prefer the fake beautiful girl or the natural beautiful girl (aka "the girl next door")?

  • The fake beauty
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  • Natural beauty (personality and looks)
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  • If I want sex, the beautiful girl, if I want a relationship, the girl next door.

    • Yeah but what if the girl next door is nice looking too? You would still go for the "fake" girl?

    • You asked either or. If I had to choose one for each, that's how I'd do it. If I could put sex and a relationship on one person, It'd be the girl next door, but if I can only have sex with one, and a relationship with the other, I'd want the relationship with the girl next door and sex with the hot chick.

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  • This is a rhetorical question, is it not?

  • "Natural beautiful girl" idk...never had a natural beautiful girl live next door...

    • Who says a natural beautiful girl can't live next door? She doesn't have to be just a no makeup type of girl with gross clothes that is still beautiful. She could take care of how she looks but is not "fake." She is just a nice person who just happens to look nice as well.

    • Who the heck disagreed with my comment? As if someone on this site knows who lives next door to me! I think I know my neighbor(s) better than anyone on here.

  • Of course natural!

    if natural is personality and looks, what is fake beauty?

  • I like having long term relationships with strippers.

    • What is with you people and your stupid answers?? You sound like a bunch of Jack A$$$es!

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    • I am sorry too. It is okay. I had a sort of crappy day too. It wasn't crappy, but I am just tired of everything and I want to be happy. Sorry I took it out on you. I am sure you are a nice guy. I know I ask stupid questions sometimes. I get bored and I don't know what else to do with myself. I feel better now that we sorted that out :)

    • Thank you for accepting my apology, and I accept yours (although I shouldn't, since you were merely responding to me and so it wasn't your fault at all). I agree that it is a crappy day. Tomorrow will be better! : )

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