Ladies - are you a shoeaholic?

What's up with women and shoes? I'm shocked at how many pairs some women have.

Is shoe addiction as common in women as it appears? What is is about shoes that are so addictive?


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  • To be quite honest, I can appreciate how easy it is for pairs of shoes to pile up.

    I mean, from my experience I've always had issues with shoes because of size 13 -and slightly abnormally shaped- feet which has restricted my footwear options by a bit and as such, I was never really 'shoe crazy' because I found the whole ordeal tiring and often fruitless.

    Although recently, since I've been spending more time shopping I've realized the inordinate amount of time I spend looking at shoes if I need a new pair, only to never spend more than a second looking at the shoes of another person I meet. Yet in spite of this I will critique shoes to no end when I'm looking at them in a shop.

    But anyway, I can't say I've ever met a woman who doesn't adore shoes.


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  • love shoes. there's so many different styles

  • Shoes come in many styles and colors so I'm all for flats, heels, sneakers...well you name it!


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  • I'm a guy and I'm a shoeaholic! Lol I love shoes it can be a fun and profitable hobby. It can also drain your funds fast, depends what kind of collector you are.

    • Profitable in what manner? Attracting the ladies?

    • Making money, and yes I get compliments on shoes as well.