Why can't he look at me when we talk?

He looks everyone in the eye when he talks to them, smiling. It's never ever a problem. Except me, ONLY me.

He's never been able to look me in the eyes or even have a conversation facing me. He doesn't smile, he'll make brief eye contact staring in to my eyes but its such a serious face. Lately it's been really awkward between us so he'll still have a normal conversation just looks straight ahead or from the side of his face or only glimpses at me.

WHY?!?!?! Please help!

Also, he enjoys teasing me or I'll notice that he'll ease drop and laugh at something I say...all while looking down at his phone. I'll ask him "WHAT?!" and he'll just laugh more. Other times, if it isn't so weird with me...he teases me or is playfully mean. Right now though, it's extremely tense and weird...


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  • Read what the anonymous user girl says below. I bellieve she's hit the nail on the head with this.

    I really believe he's being shy... feeling immensely awkward and probably likes you a WHOLE lot but feels in very deep water as to what to do and how to approach it.

    The answer? Talk to him. Ask him to go for a walk and simply be forthright with what you've noticed. One way or another you will get your answer.

    I know this can feel like a tough thing to do but 2 awkward people afraid to say or do anything makes for a terrible situation.

    Do you like him- as in, LIKE him... or is he simply "just a friend" material?... or do you not know yet? Either way, let him know how you feel... gently if its the "just friend" answer and if he has finished confessing to you that he has a major crush on you or something.

    Whatever happens- you will have taken the mature high road- and broken the ice. I quite expect that things will go better after that... maybe much better.

    • I like him very much. I'm afraid to take to him as recently I've been going through a lot lately and it overwhelmed him. He's going through a lot himself so I guess my craziness made him unsure as to what to do. Even when it isn't weird, he's still like this though :(

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  • Two possibilites:

    1 - he's not interested so he's trying to seem distant and uncaring

    2 - he likes you and as such, is embarassed to look you straight in the eye

    If the conversations are started by him, he makes the effort to keep them going, tries to make you laugh then #2 is most likely. However if this isn't the case, then its #1, sorry but just move on.

    • And if it's both? Sometimes I go and sit there quietly as he is too. Finally his knee starts to tap and about a few seconds later, he says hi, asks me how I'm doing, he'll even actually look at me, smile, and then look away then do it again and then that'll be that. It really goes between the two. Ugh

    • Then its either he doesn't like you or he's just a really awkward person.

  • maybe you have one of those piercing gazes that lights a mans soul on fire an he has to look away. or he's really shy

    • He is shy , so am I but I dunno...

    • hm well he does seem rather weird. I tend to look people in the eyes when iam talking to them

    • He can't, not with me, only when he is teasing me.

  • Could be that he's lying or intimidated by you.

    • Lying about what?

    • Lying about anything. People tend to not be able to look in the eyes when they lie.

  • I do that with one girl and it's because I don't want her to know that I am melting for her.

    • even when it's awkward? Like do you clam up?

    • Yes, I think she is very beautiful and I feel really embarrassed, shy and not up to standard for her so to speak. I wish I was.

  • It must be that he's shy in nature.

  • He is scared. Just put your hand on his chicks and move towards yourself and say, "Hey! Here. Its me to whom you're talking to..." .

    Be little seductive, bring yourself little out. I guess it will work.

    Did he propose you and you shot him down? or some time responded him rudely ? played with his feelings ? or something similar happend ?

    I was that guy in a scenario here.

    • I did not play with his emotions! If anything he played with mine an it got weird. Recently it got weirder between us wc use I have a lot of problems and medical problems right now. He stopped reading me or joking, even said that I should be fine and I'm blowing it all up. I'm on overload and Ed pushed away. Even before that though, he struggled w eye contact, even when we joke around and talk. He teases me by saying something as he's lookIng down at his phone. Sometimes I think he hates me tho

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  • it seems that he doesn't fancy you very much. have you ever done something that may have turned him off?

  • Well I'm not the guy in this case..I'm a girl and the symptom you expressed sounds like me. An I've done it because the guy I liked, I was extremely shy with him.

    I would and have everything in the world to say to everyone around, but I couldn't say a word to him. I mean just casual conversation because I was to nervous to say anything stupid. Or turn him off. I couldn't look at him directly cause I really liked him and if I looked at him in his eyes..I could of gotten lost or just kept staring. Maybe would of leaned in for a kiss. Lol..without his consent. And most of all. I was nervous he would find out just how bad I needed him..and if he didn't feel the same way I just couldn't bare the embarrassment.

    So when talking to him I kept it specific to the topic and foucus on his nose or lips while talking to him. Just anything I could. But, never his beautiful eyes..

    That type of contact would have told him to much of how I felt for him.. Stupid I know. But, the anxiety..of it all.

    • But at least you lOoked at his face and not his eyes :( he just can't face me. :( its worse if he's annoyed with me.

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