How can you tell if you're a good kisser?

I've just had my first kiss with a guy I really like, but don't know how you can tell if you were good. I really enjoyed, and he seemed to as well but how can you tell?

also any tips being better would be great :)

what could I do with my hands, is there anything guys really enjoy e.g. kissing your neck or ears..


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  • Kissing is relative, hopefully one enjoys the kisses they've had because it is a sign that the person they were kissing was someone they liked/loved. Kisses are ALWAYS fantastic when you love the person you're kissing. It's a wonderful phenomenon. Obviously don't biting his lip off (if he bleeds, you may want to try another method), but relax your mouth, jaw, and ESPECIALLY your mind, because you are transferring energy with someone.

    You'll also notice that when you do something to someone, if they enjoy it, they'll often do it back to you, which is the biggest compliment and sign that he liked it. You're also welcome to say/ask things in cute ways like "how are my kisses?... I'm afraid they may not be good because I'm not very experienced, we really should practice more often" :)

    With your hands, remember what I said before to relax? Relax your body. Run your fingers through his hair, wrap your arms around him, depending upon where you two are, do what feels right, if he doesn't like it, he'll say so, you'll know then.

    Good luck bud!


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  • I enjoy the high tension just before kissing, feeling the breath of the girl and I love seeing the beautiful eyes seeing inside my eyes with passion... It's like seeing throughout sole of the girl, feeling all love from her eyes.

    I loved once with all my heart and soul, and every kiss was a treasure for us. I felt it once and my soul became addicted.

    I think one can not be a good kisser; there is not a formula for this. BUT you can be an excellent lover...

  • actually, one of my friends was just reading about this in one of those girl magazines, I can't remember all the ways but

    if they dance well, chew gum a lot, and wear chapstick, then theyre supposedly a good kisser,

    like I said there's others I just can't think of them


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