Ladies : what are your turn on and turn off?

What are some of your turn on(s) and turn off(s)...both in terms of physical/outer appearance and behavior/personality wise?

...also tell your major turn on that makes you go weak in the knees and major turn off to the point of deal breaker.


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  • I have many attractions, its easier to explain it with my turn offs. Hair! If ours not on your head or face it needs to go. (and if there's too much on your face needs to go)


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  • Turn on: Men who can dance (at least to the rhythm); men who share some or most of my interests (geek stuff); funny and musical like someone said below me; guys who play guitar lol that just...specially if they're good; men with personal opinion; stand up for themselves but aren't complete d***s about it or literally fight with others for it (I probably have more but can't think of any other right now)

    Turn off: Men who shave/wax everything they got (same as what sparrow24 indicated so no explanation she has it all there); men who are more feminine than I am - can't separate them from the mirror, use way too many products, has too high self-esteem that's actually overrated by themselves; guys who tend to pretend to look more ass-hole like to impress people; have no respect for me/people; don't dance and rather stay like a wall next to bunch of people having fun(don't care if they can't but that they don't and we're in a club?); take themselves wayyyy to seriously (again like sparrow24, it's same for me)...

    • Ok. Even you like "a bit of average" body hair? But if he has a lot of body hair way above average hairy , even then its a turn off if he waxes/shaves his body?

      If a man can't dance well then?

    • well then I'd understand why he does it but it wouldn't be a turn on for me...If I really like the guy I would accept it but usually is a turn off for me...Dancing, well even if a guy can't dance and it's funny when doing it it's 10 000 times better than being a tree and standing there, you know...People tend to have fun and dancing, jumping in a club is having fun, but most guys don't do it anyway which shows they can't let go and have fun...oh and that's my opinion...

  • turn on: dominance, stares like these: link (first picture), link and link

    You gotta have the right eyebrows and brow bones for that though... But bad boy evil stare generally turns me on ;p

    turn off: too much body hair is a deal breaker.

    • You like dominance? Wow.

      Aww body hair is a deal breaker? :'-( sadly I have tons of "fur coat". Am so sad and disheartened to hear that. Anyway.

    • are you the guy who always whines about being excessively hairy but doesn't want to have to shave/wax for life? Tbh, it's getting annoying. You want the girls, but don't want to work to make yourself more desirable for the girls.

      I'm overweight, and I know chubby girls are not desirable by a lot of men. But instead of whining here about why don't men like chubby girls, I work and diet my ass off (literally!) to make myself more desirable. And after I'm skinny, it'll take work too to keep the

    • weight off, so yes, it's also a lifetime of work as well.

      You've read the answers here - and on your other questions - about how women don't like guys that are excessively hairy. And that's actually something you could change. It's not like we're saying we don't like your skin color, because THAT would be something you can't change.

      So if you think having a "fur coat" keeps you from getting girls, move your whiny ass to the nearest hair removal parlor!

  • Major turn ons: Funny, good dancer, longish hair, good singer, kind with kids and animals

    Major turn offs: Negative/pessimistic attitude, clingy, jealous, short tempered, insecure

  • I'm into mysterious men- not really the loudest ones, though self confidence is an important factor.

    I don't like childish men, they don't need to prove that they're the funniest, the strongest etc.

    What I really like are the small gestures of a gentleman- giving me his coat, opening the door and letting you go first.

    When it comes to appearance, it's not the main factor. However, even if I'm so aware that it's not fair, I'm not attracted to overweight people at all (sorry).

    I like men with class (for instance, favour good cut shirt to a hoodie :P )

  • I don't find fat guys or men attractive. I find smart intellectual men attractive. BUT... there are exceptions... eg: I was in a relationship with a not so goodlooking fat guy. but he had a way with words. also a guy with with a plan.. knows where he's going. good head on his shoulders. deal breakers... hmmm... not too fussy. if can work/talk it out than is fine.

  • Turn-ons (Physical): Dark eyes and hair, tall, toned with a bit of muscle (but not like a bodybuilder amount of muscle), stubble

    Turn-ons (Personality): Respectful, ambitious, intelligent, good conversationalist, funny

    Turn-offs (Physical): Unhealthy body type, unhygenic

    Turn- offs (Personality): Arrogant, disrespectful, immature, dishonest, unintelligent, annoying "laddish" behaviour

  • Turn ons- hot, funny, buff, can cook, enjoys cunnilingus but hates fellatio, musical variety, good personality, masculine, sweet and sensitive

    Turn offs- arrogance, dull personality, dumb, feminine, man-whore

    • "enjoys cunnilingus but hates fellatio" too clever of you!

      What comes under "feminine"?

      ...and what about extra male body fur?

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    • Guys wear make up! Never knew.

      Is thick body fur coat a deal breaker? Short height?

    • Yes I hate excessive body hair and I prefer tall guys over short

  • Turn ons - funny men, musical men, when a guy remains calm in hostile situations, men that love dogs, watching a man chop wood, and much more.

    Turn offs - men that take themselves too seriously, men that lose their cool after being teased, men that are hateful to others for no reason, arrogance, men that have no facial hair and no body hair, and much more.

    • Means you like super cool men! "men that have no facial and body hair" is a turn off to u? Means you like just average hairiness , and you dislike waxed/shaved men?..but what about way too much "furry " men? Can they wax/shave it off without being "a turn off"?

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    • I like men to have hairy legs, hairy armpits, pubic hair and some hair on their chests and stomach. And I prefer men have hair on their face, but like I said, that isn't necessarily a turn off if they shave their faces.

    • Think Julian McMahon or Hugh Jackman... like that.

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