A little Interested in a guy looking a lot when he passes by me what could it mean?

Ok I have a new interest on a guy who I see around sometimes I've been noticing him passing by and always looking into my classroom and I catch him looking at my direction alo when he passes by. I smirk and look away.last time I saw him walking with a friend and he was smiling at something he said and he was passing by me close and a girl that I know noticed it too and he was looking at both of us. He glanced at the girl first then he looked at me like with a 2 second stare and he looked away while he was smiling. And while he was walking he sorta looked back like if he saw something on the ground and he looked behind him and looked up at us and turned away

It felt like a awkard moment for me but I don't know what it's could.

Sry if the title sounds a bit confusing and I don't know know if I'm overreacting Von this or not =/


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  • It seems that he's quite attracted to one of you, girls.

    • Lol the girl told me that he was mostly looking at me the longest for like 2 or 3 seconds as he also passed by me closely while e was waking with his friend,

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