High school problem what do you think?

Okay so today I was in a meeting and this guy and I used to have a thing for each other but something happend (long story short... he got jealous.) so anyways him and his friends were walking past me and two of them stopped to say hi and then he just kept walking all by himself and didn't say anything ... and then soon they both left... later I was wearing shorts and a flowy blouse and I was standing up talking to these other peaople and I turned around and he was looking but I looked away... then I sat down and then he took a step in front of our group and he was looking at my shirt.. which I don't know why Because it was just a plain shirt... then he turned away and yeah.. so what do you think... I want honest answers!

by the way we are in high school


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  • he likes you

    but he believes you blew him off, I think the jelous thing covers that. he's trying to move on. one of you needs to be mature and realize the thing between you MIGHT be an attraction that just mutated into hate because (I think)

    if I were this guy I would be thinking "this girl is hot and I hate her. she blew me off and doesn't give a sh*t about me. I'm better than her. I can get someone better than her. shell never know what hit her. ill [idk] get that promotion and see her sweet sorry ass wishing she just picked me [odd months ago]"

    the thing is that this competing mentality shows he DOES like you, or else he'd just not even think about you or treat you so differently

    and think he's rightfully upset! you never tried to talk to him, what do you expect him to not get competitive and try to show you how much better of a man, bachelor, worker he can be above you?


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  • It's quite cleat that he isn't interested in you anymore, and he don't want to deal with you.


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  • He was staring at you stuff up there. Because why else would he have been staring up there! Enless you had something on your shirt...?