I feel sorry for my boyfriend, because he might be looked at as a perv :/

Yesterday, we were talking and the topic of going to a sex shop came up... He said that he would not go into one with me because I look like I am 13 years old and because he looks like he is 30.

Clearly, he was over exaggerating, or at least I hope he was. I see a few changes in my face since the time of being 13 and now. I know, realistically speaking, 5 years isn't a lot of time, but it get's down right embarrassing when I am talking to other girls and they assume that I am a freshmen in high school because of not wearing makeup or just flat out looking like a kid. I mean, I know I have lost a lot a curve appeal from losing weight, but I am 5'4".

Anyway, how old do I look? I posted pictures from different years of my life. I have been getting a constant of 15 years old.


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  • You look 18-19.