Do you have any suggestions for a waterproof and smudge proof BODY MAKEUP? Or maybe an airbrushed version?

My skin complexion is on the darker side like naomi campbell.Anyway,I have a photoshoot coming up,and I'm concerned because I have keratosis Pilaris on my legs.Its not my fault that I have this,but I would like to cover it with body makeup that WON'T come off on the clothes I'm wearing.

So far,I have tried:

*Sally Hansen Airbrush leg lotion: The color is too light for my skin...and I used the darkest color

*MAC?I'm not too sure of it yet...gotta research

*Dermablend comes off on stuff I think

What do those actors use in the movies?Because whatever it is,it doesn't come off on sheets or clothing!


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  • This sites can give you quite an idea on what actors/actresses use:

    link and link


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