Do you know how to stop this?

There's a girl I'm interested in, who I met 6 months ago.

At first, I noticed her looking at me often; sometimes she looked like she was admiring me, but if I caught her looking, she would frown and give me the most hateful eyes. I tried approaching and introducing myself, which she was cordial about. But sooner than later, she returned to mean stares.

This would've been fine, except she shows up in classes I'm taking, even if she doesn't belong there. She also has her best friend follow me, (who then tells her where I am), and then all of a sudden she shows up in front of me. Both the best friend and herself join in looking at me as though I'm an undesirable freak from the circus.

I have tried saying hello to both of them, and they respond well, but quickly go back to the same behavior.

The very last episode, she had another friend trick me into joining them in the lunch room (I didn't know she would be there...) and they saved the seat next to her for me. As I grabbed the chair they gave me, she looked at me as if saying, "What are you doing here? You're not wanted."

This girl doesn't behave this way around any other guy. I'm the only target being treated this way. She does extreme things, such as bending over in front of me, showing cleavage, etc. Yes, this is a sort of torture. I wrote her an email letting her know that either we talk, or we keep things the way the are. She didn't respond! I decided to completely ignore her after that. Which only intensified the behavior. I feel I'm being watched constantly. She appears out of nowhere in front of my path.

I'm not the brightest, but half of me says she wants me to make a bold move, such as chase and catch her in the stairwell and embrace her, without saying anything to mess up the mood.

My question is... am I on the right path? It seems I'm dealing with a scared kitten who runs whenever I get close, but keeps following me. Should I make a bold physical move toward her? Or should I continue to pretend she's not there?

She's model gorgeous.


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  • You're on the right path. You should make a bold physical move towards her now.


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  • Sounds like this woman is playing you. She also sounds like she has mental issues. Take control of your life and either ignore her and her cleavage or dismiss yourself from her presence when you can. No guessing on this one - - she is trouble.


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  • well she could be a "scared kitten" or she could just be playing games.

    I'd do one of two things. I'd just ask her straight out what's going on? I feel like a get a lot of mixed signals from you. Or I'd jus flat out ignore her.

    I don't think she is doing the scared kitten bit because she would at the very least smile but would frown and give you mean stares.. That doesn't really add up. She could be nervous or shy but neither of those things equals give mean looks at someone.

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