Why do guys do this, if they have a girlfriend

I am dating this guy over a year. When we go place in groups or just the two of us. Mainly in groups such as family, well girl comes around and talk to his sister and him. After the conversations the girls leaves, and my boyfriends makes comment about that girl such as she's beautiful or pretty in front of me. I understand that he loves me a lot and we are looking forward to the future together, but comment like that does not make me feel that important, or beautiful to him. Why do guys have to say things like that if they say they don't want her?

Please give me advice, even if there is nothing to worry about. I need other people’s idea about this situation. I just need to figure out if it’s our relationship I need to fix or its me that I need to fix. Answer please


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  • they are just stating something that they see.

    because a guy is saying that doesn't always mean that they like her more then you.

    you are very special to them and if you are still unconvinced or are somewhat bothered by it then ask them why,

    • I am sure hope your right when you say he dosen't mean anything by it. and thank you so much for answering my questions

    • Im pretty sure he dosent.

      if he did, no offence but he wouldn't stay with you for that much longer if he did.

      like I said, he just says something because that's what he sees.

      my boyfriend does the same thing kinda. and he doesn't mean anything by it.

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  • He just slipped. He didn't mean to insult you by it, he was just making a comment-if he did do that on purpose maybe he was trying to make you jealous so that you would do more to him to get his attention

    • Well I don't think he just slipped, because he dose it offten. I guess I am just scared. I talk to him about it before, he didn't understand my point of view..

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    • I see where your coming from. Your so right. Thank you for answering my question. Now I understand. Your the best

    • He's lucky to have you