So I'm a visual artist (like drawing and painting) and I'm just fascinated by colors and the way light hits objects, especially skin. I'm just so interested in people's differences and how they catch and reflect light. I stare at inanimate objects for a long time sometimes, giving me an off look, and sometimes people catch me staring at them, but I'm not actually looking at them per say, I might be looking at their nose or hair or something, and I just keep staring. I can't stop myself!

Plus a friend told me that when I walk in the school hallway I go around looking at everything, including people.

I don't do it like I'm attracted to them or anything, and I don't judge at all! I'm just so freaking curious and so in love with light.

My friend told me its kinda creepy sometimes, not just when I stare at people but like when I just sit next to her and I stare at something random like a chair or my lunch for literally like 10 minutes straight.

Do you think this is creepy? I don't really notice I do it until I stop, and I realized I've come up with a million different scenerios of a different way light would hit it and how it would look and which colors would reflect or be absorbed, and which reflections would act upon the object and why and in what way... ok I could go for hours but back to the point, do you think it is creepy?


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  • You're exactly like the main character in Cashback!

    I don't think it's creepy; you're an artist, that's what artists do! I also love light and color theory; kudos!

  • I don't think it's creepy. If someone gets uncomfortable, try saying something like "Oh, sorry, you distracted me with..." whatever you're staring at.

    Some people will be complimented, honestly.

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