I am bar hopping with this girl. A guy is talking to her

I heard that you have to keep cool and not look weak.

I don't feel awkward because I Haven't developed feelings for her yet but I am either sitting and watching TV above the bar area or texting. I am trying to look busy and not make it look like I am not sure what to do.

Hmmm...What should I do...?!?!

Shortly after I wrote this, I was realizing that I needed to take some initiative with trying to figure out my ow actions. needed to know if I should just leave or whatever! I was standing there running out of things to do while they were arguing. I stood right by them for a second to see if she needed rescuing. She said she was fine and said she's sorry abut this.

So I waited a little bit more. The guy is all talking close to her face all mad and I am looking all like a bitch. I kept my cool.
I went outside for a second then I walked across the bar and went in the bathroom. I thought for a minute. I thought, "I am 30 years old. I am too old for this immature bullsh*t! I deserve to go up and ask what her plans are for the rest of the night" So I went up to them and said, "Are you Ok? I need to know exactly what is going on here because I am really tired. Whatever you two are trying to resolve, it's cool but I need to know if I should go or not. Do you need a ride or is he giving you
a ride home? Are you giving him a ride home, man?" He all a sudden backed off and said, "No sir"

Then she apologized and said she can get a cab. I asked, "Are you really sure about that? whatever! I mean, I can give you a ride" Then she said she wanted a ride and then not one. Then the guy says, "Hey man. You seem like a really good guy. I'm sorry. she broke my heart a while back and I'm not over it and I don't know what you guys are right now but anyways what's your name?"


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  • I guess it's all worked by now huh? Sorry Some us were sleeping on the job :)

    • Yeah, she apologized and said that her life is sh*tty right now. and the other awkward thing is that she saw my phone was linked to girlsaskguys.com haha.

      At least I prepared mentally myself before the night started if anything bad happens. Its not like I've never heard a girl say that they have such a disaster of a life before too.

    • I think its cute if a guy I am friends with is on GAG.

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  • Talk to her, dude... that is, if you get the chance.

    The other guy leaped in there. They always do. See how it goes. Good luck.

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