Is there something wrong with me?

I met up with a girl and I fully embarrassed myself with that, nothing came on my mind to keep up the chat. I couldn't tell anything about myself or else, only short things with dead end.

The girl is good looking blue eyed sexy.. and I don't fu**ing know why I feel kind of underestimated when I'm with her. And I just can't be myself and I hate that. And I know she can feel that..

On the other hand, when we sms/text each other, I can keep up the conversation. (actually not anymore because she kind of tries to avoid me, I think. Which is fine, I understand her cause I'd do the same in this case)

Sometimes I feel pretty unsure where there I know I could be confident. Its just in the way I let my brain work.

Because sometimes I am certain in myself. Probably depends on my mood.

I have a bit crooked nose at the tip and in my opinion, my look from 1-10 is 8. I have a slim body type, moderately muscular, brown eyes

Is my personality chained to my looks?

What should I do?


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  • It seems like you're feeling pressured to the point of paralyzing you. A conversation take at least two people contributing, it's not JUST up to you to keep things going. Try not to think of women as prospects, but rather, just people. Just relax and talk as if you're talking to your friends, for the most part. Once things get rolling, it should be easy to keep it rolling. Talk about anything, interests and hobbies, events, movies, music, jokes, etc. But relax :-)


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  • her beauty hypnotized you so you couldn't concentrate..don't let your looks even come into this equation , she obviously liked them,men have to realize that just because a woman is beautiful doesn't mean they are above anyone..its a visual affect but you should never think so low of yourself that you can't focus..find someone who you can feel like yourself around.

  • It's always harder to talk to attractive people in person, because when you're IMing them, you forget how attractive they really are, haha. Besides, you can have time to think when you're texting.

  • a lot of people are like that


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  • There is something wrong with you. Your mentality sucks; rather than "It's just another person" it's this ridiculous holier-than-me type nonsense that leads to these paralyzing moments. It's not her beauty it's your bizarre inability to treat people like people.

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