Ok, so I'm going to see my buddies in Scotland next week and I'm getting this haircut...YES OR NO???

i want to arrive looking like a different woman from when they last saw me, it was them to go "wow, she's changed!"

so here's the cut


i'm going for the cut, not the coloring job, the color would require too much maintenance to keep looking nice, so I'm just thinking about the cut itself.

so what do you think?

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  • Very nice, it definitely matches you.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Definatley, Its a good looking cut!

  • hayley williams of paramore, she's pretty hot I gotta give that one, not too crazy about the style, I'm more about the color, but that's just me


What Girls Said 2

  • Well if your picture is a true likeness of you then it seem to me it would suit you...if you don't like it when they're done then you can just ask to change the bits that are bothering you!

    To be honest you can never tell how a style is going to look on you when you look at it on someone else...sometimes you've just got to go for it, or you'll forever wonder, what if?

    I'm sure nothing around the style you're looking at (seeing as it's not too drastic) will make you think you don't look different and nice but It's just hair afterall, you can cut it shorter or grow it out! Make the leap! :o)

    • Well I do have a face shape very similar to hers =) I think it'll work out fine.

  • its nice!

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