Can someone explain to me different styles of jeans?

I don’t know what the different types of men’s jeans are. I just buy what looks/feels good. Wikipedia doesn’t explain it well. Could someone explain the different terms to me, like ‘tapered’ and ‘boot cut’? Thanks.

Also could someone explain the different types of women’s jeans?


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  • Main types

    Skinny - tighter in general with a lower inseam to hug your legs more

    Bootcut - regular cut with a flared out bottom like bell bottoms. Best to wear with boots and makes you look taller and slimmer

    Regular - same inseam, same waist, same length. Generic kind that is somewhat loose and rides normally

    Loose - sometimes called painters jeans, these are looser and stretch out more in certain section for workers.

    Tapered just refers to the inseam and can modify the tightness of the jeans

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