It is possible that he is interested?

i started this pilates class, and the teacher is the same age as me. I saw him before a few times, and I noticed that he seems interested in me, by the way he look at me.we talked during the exercises a few times, and he asked a lot about my tattoos, especially this one I am removing. he looked at it too. when the exercise is over, he gives a massage. today, when he did it, he touched this tattoo,for 2 sec. like he was caressing it idk, it was completely out of the blue... that was just him being curious or have something more with his gesture? thanks :D

Can someone help me please?


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  • No, no he doesn't "may kind of like you" - he is trying to figure out how to ask you out, etc.

    • What he said!

    • really? why do you think that?

    • I think he is interested in you because:

      1. He talks to you,

      2. He asks about somewhat personal things (tattoos),

      3. The big one: he touches your tattoo!

      If you are interested in him; do this:

      1. Ask HIM what HE thinks of your tattoos,

      2. Tell him you like his massages, and

      3. Offer to buy him a cup of coffee (to talk about your tattoos, or to thank him for the massage).

      Hope this helps. Dan

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  • Sounds like he has some sort of weird fetish :P


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  • if he doesn't act like this to other gils in the class, then I feel like h might like you :)

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