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I think that there are some celebrities who do not have very beautiful features like big almond shaped eyes (Aishwariya or Emma Stone) or luscious lips (Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson) but they still look quite good for example Emma Watson and Meesha Shafi (She is a Pakistani Actress and is in the film Reluctant Fundamentalist). What makes them look good their styling, makeup or are they just photogenic and the camera loves them? What do you think?


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  • I think there are at least 2 different ways of "looking good":

    Angelina and Scarlett are SEXY/hot and yes, luscious lips are so sexy, one wants to bite them at least, or do more things to them.

    Emma Watson does not have those lips but she is CUTE/beautiful, someone you want to kiss tenderly and be all chessy with.

    now this overly simplistc, I find both Angelina and Scarltett SEXY, but in MY OPINION, Scarlett is also cute, Angelina not that much, Angeline arise my passions but not so my tenderness, while Scarlett does often both things but she is MAINLY sexy with some cute.

    Emma is MAINLY cute, but you see her posing in a magazine and you see some sexiness of her, so yeah, Emma can arise my lustful thoughts but FIRST and more strongly raises my "sweet" thoughts.

    to be sexy, usually the more the better, big lips, big eyes, much like the "big b00bs, big @ss", while girls on the pettite side (body and not so luscios facial features) is more a matter of "quality instead of quantity".

    idealy a SO desirable woman will have BOTH.

    and yes :D this is also my way to answer the oh so asked question of "what is the difference between hot and cute?"


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  • I think that what is considered conventionally beautiful doesn't cover all types of beauty. Look at Rihanna. She has a big forehead and small eyes, but she's absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes unconventional and different is more beautiful then conventional

  • I think it's mostly their natural facial features that makes them look already pretty regardless whether the camera is on or not. Make up only enhances it if applied correctly but not take over her face.

  • Everyone is different and the whole persona of an individual makes em attractive, the way one carriees oneself around, the whole personality

    • I guess you are right ...since I have noticed ever since Emma Watson grew up she became more stylish because she started to carry herself around with style !

    • Yes and it's not related to the topic but confidence us one thing that majes you stand out from the love confidence

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