Do girlie girls like manly men?

I'm a manly man. I'm "tall, dark and handsome" but I also look and act older than I really am. I think I stick out from my social group, my friends still look and act like they are 23 (we are in our late twenties), I feel like I come across as 30-35.

The thing is, I like girlie girls. But most of them seem to date these baby faced metrosexual looking "boys". I'm a bit balding (though I keep it neatly trimmed so it doesn't look too bad), which adds to the older look. I'm not pursuing young girls by the way, just appropriately aged women that are girly.

Do you think girlie girls like guys like me or do they really go for the more boyish type is general?

Please don't come up with examples of celebrities, I'm talking real life.
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So a lot of you say you are a girlie girl and like manly men, but do you think you are one of many or that most other girlie girls are into boyish guys?
Do girlie girls like manly men?
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