Was he looking for a reason to talk?

so my crush messaged me on Facebook. We've never talked on FB before. If we talk online, we talk on twitter messaging. I actually thought maybe his account had a virus. his first message was literally a thousand links. but when I started opening them, they were pictures of Ryan Seacrest and I knew that it was actually him messaging me. Ryan Seacrest is his Idol.

you may think its kind of weird, but I think its just something he feels comfortable talking about. haha. so pretty much he talked about how Ryan Seacrest is his idol and how he wants to be like him one day. I told him that he can do anything he wants to do, he just has to believe in himself. and he said " that truly means a lot C" and then he told me he would remember me when he becomes famous because I believed in him. and I told him I did believe that he would be famous one day and I meant that. and he said " thanks so much C"

also he tweeted the picture I said I liked best of Ryan Seacrest, haha. can't forget to add that small detail. and he told me to look at it.

so don't judge, haha. but do you think he was just trying to find a reason to talk? also was he flirting? what do you think? would any guy just do this?


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  • "Ryan Seacrest is his idol" you sure he isn't gay?

  • If you two are good friends then it could go either way, but if you rarely talk to him, and he reaches out to talk about his personal hopes.. then he likely shares your crush.

    • well we have only been talking since school started last fall. and we only talk in class and sometimes online. I don't have his number, and we have never hung out.

    • Then if he's reaching out to you he is interested, or at least I would be, think about it... he has all of his family and friends to talk to, and he picks you to tell about his dreams... You should pursue it and see where it goes.

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