Why Am I Judged By My Looks..

I'm one of the cooliest, funniest, guys you ever will meet but girls second guess me, because I'm not ugly but not sexy. You can find out for yourself InstaGram: Ib_mr_ jtruth. I don't know what it is about

me, everybody loves me, but don't wanna be with me, help.


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  • Don't fret. be yourself. You don't want to change. Why would you want to be with someone that doesn't like you for you? Just be patient. The right girl will come soon enough. When I met this one dude I could tell he was "dorky." In this group of guys, this was the short, silly, funny one that never had a girlfriend. All of his friends went bonkers when they saw his FB status change. They thought one of the other guys had hacked into his fb page and changed it on him as a joke! I was the girl, and I fell in love with his silly ways. And I didn't care what people would say to me. And when that special girl comes along, and she sees you for who you are.. you make her a queen. Because she is unlike any other typical girl. She sees you for you.


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  • Why Am I Judged By My Looks?

    Likely because people tend to be visual and generally romantic relationships involve sex which most people require physical attraction for.

  • I can't find you on instagram.. did you misspell it?

  • Referring to your title question...

    Most people are judged by their looks.We live in a very superficial society.

    So all you can do is wait until you find someone compatible.

  • I'm not on instagram so can't see your pic/s but I doubt it has to do with looks - sexiness is more about attitude (cheeky, flirty etc). I'd think less about appearance and concentrate more on adding a bit of subtle sizzle to the way you interact with the ladies ;)


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