I feel so stupid...

Today, a boy asked me out to senior ball, which is this Saturday. He was in one of my classes and he was so sweet and told me he liked me for a long time, so I said that I would go with him. It was the first time a guy has ever asked me out, so I was so happy and I told my friends I had a date for the dance. They were excited and asked me who was it, but when I told them, one of my friends said that she knew him and that he was already going with another girl. Apparently, he has a reputation of being a womanizer. I know my friend wouldn't lie about something like this, because she's always looking out for me. I feel so dumb... What is wrong with me?

Thank you, everyone for answering. You are all so nice. I'll go talk to him tomorrow and see what happens. ^-^
So, I talked to him, and apparently what my friend told me was true... My friend also had it confirmed with his girlfriend. But, even though I am once again dateless, I will still try to have fun tomorrow, and try not to let this whole thing get to me ^-^


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  • There's nothing wrong with you. Why would you even think there was? You didn't know, that isn't your fault .Before you even jump to conclusions I'd ask him directly about his other date.

    • Thank you so much. ^-^ I did ask him about it today, and it was true. So, it looks like I will be going to the dance tomorrow on my own.

    • Sorry to hear it, but hey, tons and TONS of people go to dances alone, so just try and have a good time. :)

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  • Nothing at all. I've been two timed by tons of women. I usually feel like an idiot after, but the more it happened to me the shorter and shorter a period I felt that way. Now I only feel stupid for about 0.68 seconds and move straight to "WHORE!". Don't let this guy get to you. He's a pr!ck. You're obviously cute. You'll find somebody else. And if not don't let it get you down.

    • Thank you very much. And I'm sorry that that's happened to you a lot. I hope you'll find the one that you are meant to be with some day. ^-^

  • If I'am reading this right then there is not a single thing wrong with you. He is the one who has issues if he is indeed asking 2 girls to this event. I would at least research it a little if its true then move on he is a loser.

    • Thank you. I did talk to him about it today, and it turns out, it was true.

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  • i think nothing is wrong with you, you need to talk to his other girlfriend, and then you both can talk to him, he doesn't deserve to date either of you.

    • Thank you for the advice and the encouragement. I appreciate it very much. ^-^