More than just sex? Guys what would you do?

I've recently started hooking up with a friend and I'm now starting to think he may want something more. I've said countless times that this is just a hook up thing but he has started saying things that make me think differently.

For example, we hooked up the other night and after when we were in bed he looked at me and said "You are something else" and then shook his head and said "Ah, girl what are you doing to me" (please note this was all said with smiles and no angry tones haha). Now whenever I see him he smiles and has this dreamy look on his face.

He also then wanted to spoon but it felt and seemed really intimate if that makes sense and I feel like now if I say something I could be assuming too much or ruining a good hook-up.

Any advice would be great :)


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  • There is a huge difference between physical intimacy and committed relationship. If you don't like feeling a guy wrap his arms around you, then tell him. If you're worried it might become "serious" - don't be. Just keep telling him you love him in bed but you aren't going to be exclusive.

    And enjoy the spooning. There's nothing like dozing off and waking up with my hard **** nestled between two sweet cheeks while my hands are wrapped around and cupping my partner. It often leads to more benefits - or at least to a very fun shower :)

    • Haha thank you. I appreciated the last part ;). I just don't want any feelings to get involved.

    • I think you want feelings - just not romantic ones :)

      You want feelings of his fingertips, his tongue, the thing that got ******'ed out above... lots of nice feelings. And, obviously, soapy feelings too :)

      I'm told that I do a very nice shampoo although sometimes I can be a bit distracting from behind.

    • hahaa!

  • It seems that it's just hookup.


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