Is this guy dressing like this on purpose?

So I hang out at this local place alone. This guy I like also hangs out out there. It's a casual place so no one dresses up. We each go there several times a week on set days. Last weekend he came in with a really nice shirt on. The girl we know that works there was w me and we both noticed his nice shirt. All she said was that it was nice, tht he looked different. He said he was just wearing something different for a change. I on the other hand said he looked handsome, that he should wear those more often because they're becoming on him. He couldn't even look at me when I said it but bash fully smiled and said thanks (he has trouble w eye contact w me and no problem w the girl that works there). I even told him he should wear one that is more of a solid color, it would look great. Last night, he was wearing one again (after several days of reg tshirts). Solid color, same type! I said wow! Another shirt! He could only look down at his phone smiling saying "another shirt?! Where?" still a little bashful.

Do you think he is wearing them for her ( who he has no problem facing, talking to , eye contact)

Do you think he is wearing them more for me? (I was more vocal)

Or do you think he's wearing them more because it's been established that he looks good in them? He is a shy guy so it's not like he's roaming the room talking to girls. He sits in one place."


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  • You suggested a solid color. Next day he comes in with a solid color shirt. Coincidence? I think not. He's wearing this color because you suggested it

    • Well it wasn't the next day. More so the next time I saw him. We're always there on Fridays. We both did compliment him (me more than her) but he knew he would see us both so who knows who it was for. I mentioned it again when I saw it this time, she did not.

What Girls Said 1

  • Omg he is adorable! Ask him to go on a coffee run with you that way you can try to get some one on one with him! I'd say for you but can't be to sure.

    • Why is it that he can take a compliment from someone else easily and yet from me he just loos down and smiles?

    • Possibly because he has to look at and talk to her so she can take his order is why he looks at her. He sounds to cute. Try asking him in a joking way some day why he doesn't make eye contact. Most people will instantly try to prove you wrong and make eye contact right away. He either one wants you to go away or two gets nervous around you.

    • Nah, we are both regulars so she knows what he wants and automatically gets it. he was slightly better tonight glanced at me a few more times but only that. One time he then just stared in my eyes. We had a great conversation but jut stared ahead.

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