If he likes your butt...

So I was hanging out with my crush and laying on my stomach when all of the sudden he was like cover that up I keep looking at it and put a pillow over my butt then lifted it while I was watching him to look at it again.. Is this a good thing?


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  • It means you're attractive to him, but it doesn't mean he wants a relationship or anything special like that, he could just find you sexually attract and that's it. Him pointing that out to you indicates to me that he doesn't have those special type feelings for you, he just finds you sexually attractive, and probably just wants sex.

    • But what if he was calling me adorable and sexy too?

    • He could just be saying that to butter you up so you'll trust him and such so he will get lucky. You just have to get a read on him, find out for yourself if he really means it.

  • It means he likes your butt


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